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Pioneering a new era in health science, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to enhance healthspan and minimise the impact of age-related conditions.

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Understanding Morbidity
Expansion and Compression

In today’s world, a significant portion of the population faces the phenomenon known as “morbidity expansion.”
While people are living longer due to increased life expectancy, they often spend a substantial part of their lives dealing with health conditions such as diabetes, cardiometabolic diseases, obesity, dementia, and accelerated ageing.

The challenge lies in finding ways to improve overall health and achieve optimal well-being during later years.

Morbidity Expansion:

  • Longer life spans with extended periods of chronic health conditions.
  • The burden of diseases associated with old age accumulates over time.
  • Rising healthcare costs due to prolonged treatment needs.

Morbidity Compression:

  • Reducing the years spent with age-related health conditions.
  • Delaying the onset of chronic diseases to shorten the period of illness before death.
  • Leading to improved overall health and increased healthspan.

Orcino Health’s Innovative Approach

Orcino Health has developed AI-based tools that revolutionise the determination of body composition and biological age to provide in-depth phenotyping. Here’s what makes our approach unique:

  • Precision: Accurate assessment of body composition and ageing-related changes.
  • Unprecedented understanding of the ageing process.
  • Solutions: Faster and more effective strategies to address age-related comorbidities.
Our quest for morbidity compression uses these advanced techniques to enhance healthspan and minimize the impact of age-related conditions, promising healthier ageing and an improved quality of life.

Our Vision

Our bold vision is to revolutionize the understanding of ageing and empower clinics and companies with cutting-edge tools. Our mission is to provide objective, reproducible, and non-invasive solutions that unlock the secrets of biological age and body composition.
Here’s what sets us apart:


Objective Tools:

  • We believe in data-driven insights. Our tools allow you to accurately determine biological age and assess body composition in your patients.
  • Say goodbye to guesswork—our measurements are precise and reproducible.

Understanding Ageing:

  • Ageing is a complex process, and we’re here to demystify it. Our tools provide a better understanding of the mechanisms behind ageing.
  • Armed with knowledge, you can make informed decisions about patient health and well-being.

Therapeutic Impact:

  • Our overarching goal is to decelerate or even reverse ageing. We’re not just about diagnostics, we’re about actionable solutions.
  • Supporting clinics in providing longevity measures and pharmaceutical companies in developing anti-ageing therapies.

The Power of Quantitative Tools

Robust Measurements

Our unique tools provide comprehensive measurements of ageing and body composition, covering everything from biological age to tissue-specific changes.

Mechanistic Insights

Unlock the secrets of ageing. Our quantitative approach sheds light on the underlying mechanisms, paving the way for targeted interventions.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Ageing is often linked to chronic systemic diseases. With our tools, you can evaluate therapies and lifestyle choices that combat accelerated ageing.

Join the Orcino Health Revolution

Whether you’re a clinic with patients on a quest for vitality or a company dedicated to healthier ageing for your employees, Orcino Health is your partner of choice. Let’s redefine what it means to age gracefully and thrive.

Remember, ageing isn’t just about years - it’s about quality of life.

Let’s make every moment count!